Play Casino Games in Belgium

Play Casino Games in Belgium with Ease

Regulations regarding gambling games differ from country to country, with some states outlawing games of chance completely, others imposing almost no restrictions on gamblers, and some choosing a middle path, allowing certain approved forms of gambling under strict conditions. Belgium has stricter gambling laws than most other European states, but it is nevertheless still possible to play casino games in Belgium, in both land-based and online casinos.

Belgian authorities have accepted that prohibition is rarely an effective curb to any activity that has a large, willing market, and have opted instead for a closely regulated legal casino industry. Belgium issues a total of only 11 land-based casino licences, and award online casino licences only to those casinos that already have a land-based licence, while insisting that these operations house their servers in Belgum, too. So casino fans can only play casino games in Belgium at a restricted number of sites, whether land-based or online.

In addition, Belgian law enforcement keeps a much closer eye on casino operations than many of their European neighbours do, and to date, more than 70 different online gaming sites have been blacklisted in Belgium for contravening the rules.

What Casino Games are Available in Belgium?

Despite the severity of its gambling regulations, Belgium does not place many restrictions on the types of games a casino can offer once it has been granted its licence. The government does insist, however, that any games available in land-based casinos are also to be found in the respective online casinos.

So punters keen to play casino games in Belgium online will find exactly the same range of games that are available in the licensee’s land-based operation. A variety of digital slots, card games like poker and blackjack, casino classics like roulette and craps, and many others are thus available to Belgian gamblers online.

Most games are also found in a number of variations: poker, for example, has dozens of different incarnations. Some online (and especially mobile) casino sites present games in the form of downloadable apps; others will simply allow direct play through a player’s Internet browser. Casinos also encode different versions of the same game, specifically designed to play best on designated devices. The result is that whether a player is on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, they will be able to find a version of their favourite game online that is specifically designed for their chosen device.

Free Play and Bonus Incentives

Some real-money casinos have free casino pages appended to their sites, so that players can get the feel of games without spending any money; bets and wins are in credits only. These are useful sites when players are trying out new games, or practising their betting strategies until they are ready to play for real. Bonus incentives are also a regular feature; players get awarded free bets on specified games to encourage them to play more.

These promotional offers will have terms and conditions attached, but they still represent an excellent opportunity for those who play online casino games in Belgian to win real money, without risking as much of their own.