Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot

Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat Slot  

The Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot has been built around an animal theme, one that is ever-popular with players.  The use of panda bears for this slots game is something these developers enjoy doing, with the global admiration of these animals being common knowledge, and this company has already proven the workability of the theme with their Wild Panda offering. Panda Paradise brings it bang up to date, with excellent gameplay; first-rate animations and a well-round gaming experience being delivered by means of it.

Theme for Panda Paradise Quick Fire

The Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot’s theme may well seem familiar to some players, and this is due to the fact that it has a lot in common with their Wild Panda offering, to the point where there is even an Oriental thread woven into play. The core symbols for slots games are all in place, with the playing card icons filling in for the smaller wins.

Quickfire Online Slots Gameplay Info

Gameplay for Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot is consistent with that of other Quick Fire slots offerings by this company, so players who have dabbled in other titles in this group will know what to expect at once. Play centres on the 50 paylines provided for the game, and, because of the way these interact with the various jackpots, these lines are fixed, and cannot be increased or decreased by the player. The coin values are modifiable, however, so it remains a game that appeals to both more conservative bettors and their high-roller counterparts.

The jackpots for the Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot are the highlight for the game, and its main draw, making for some of the most generous prizes that casinos offering the game make available. There are four different jackpot prizes for players to take advantage of, with a mini-jackpot of $10 or the equivalent in whatever currency the player is making use of. The minor-jackpot takes it up a notch, at a more significant $40, and then a major one of $200. The grand jackpot is the ultimate prize however, and this awards a noteworthy $2 250. Of course the higher the prize the more infrequently it appears, but everyone stands an equal chance of taking the big one home. Each bet that players lay will contribute to one level of the jackpot network.

Features and Bonuses for Panda Paradise

The main draw for the Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot is the jackpots, but there are wonderful traditional elements in place too. These include the wild card, represented by a dollar symbol, and this is able to appear stacked during play, making a very regular appearance throughout the game. There is also the sticky stack feature available for the Panda Paradise Quick Fire Aristocrat slot game, whereby a stack of wild cards will remain fixed in place for the next spin. This feature can quickly make for very lucrative gameplay when it affects more than one reel.