Hot Gems

The Hot Gems Video Slots Game

Playtech has designed and released a video slots game titled Hot Gems. It features five reels and twenty five pay lines, and combines high resolution graphics, special effects, and fitting music to create a unique mining- and gem-themed game in which players aim to land the right winning combinations of gem symbols to be awarded with winnings.

The game combines the shiny gem feel with the Wild West mine, which is graphically enhanced through crisp and clear gem figures as well as irregular shapes and lettering on the screen. There is also a jumping miner cartoon animation that appears on the screen at times.

How to Play Hot Gems  Online Slots

In order to play Hot Gems, players need to place their initial bets and then hit the ‘Spin’ button. Players can select the spins manually or they can enable the auto spin feature, which will allow them to choose either ten, twenty five, fifty, or ninety nine spins. If this feature is enabled, the reels will spin automatically until the player stops the game.

Jackpot Coins

Hot Gem’s main jackpot win is 5 000 coins, and this is achieved when landing five of the miner symbols. The top jackpot win in the free games feature, including use of all the collapsing reels and multipliers, comes up to 25 000 coins.

Collapsing Reel Feature

Hot Gems combines various effects for playing experience, and one of these is the collapsing reel feature. This feature is triggered by any win in a main game. After a win has been made, the winning symbols will ‘explode’, meaning that the winning symbols at the top will collapse and make space for extra possible winning combinations. The scatter symbols and free game symbols also explode.

The symbols will keep on exploding and the reels will keep on collapsing as long as winning combinations are formed. The collapsing reels feature is active both during the main game and during the free games.

Free Games and Multipliers

If the free games symbols land on the first, third, and fifth reels, the player will receive fifteen free games, as well as an increasing multiplier. Each free game starts with a multiplier of one, and this will increase after every ‘explosion’, that is, every win, reaching up to a multiplier of five.

During the free games, the reels will be spun automatically, using the same bet per line as on the spin that had initially triggered the free games feature.

Wild Symbols

Hot Gem’s wild symbol will only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels. The wild symbols can stand for any other symbol, except for the Hot Gems Logo, which acts as the scatter symbol, and the free games symbols. By substituting other symbols, the wild symbols can be used to make up the best possible winning combination.

Gambling the Winnings

Players can choose to gamble their winnings in Hot Gems. If they are lucky, they will be able to double their winnings by correctly predicting the outcome of a simple card-based game.