Couch Potato

Couch Potato Traditional Online Slots Game

Couch Potato is a classic, traditional online slots machine game. It is a simple game, working well on all mobile devices and tablets. It is like the original fruit machine game that everyone will recognise. It has a lazy theme, hence its name of Couch Potato, and has a jackpot of 15,000 coins, which means the maximum jackpot payout in a regular Couch Potato slot machine will be that number of coins.

With only one payline and high volatility this mobile slots game is the height of the classic, original casino slots game. Couch Potato is certainly ideal for anyone who appreciates pure, uncomplicated online slots play. It does require a slightly higher bet, and some patience to see any good returns.

How to Play this Classic Game

Couch Potato is a 3 reel, 1 line and three coin Vegas style slot machine game. This means that the machine has three reels with numerous symbols that will that will spin to give the player the winning combinations. When the player increases the amount that is wagered, the payline becomes higher. When all the reels stop spinning, the computer will check the combinations of the symbols along each line. This casino game features colourful graphics and great sound effects, and as it is well known for being a simple straightforward game to play, is easy and smooth to play for players of all levels of expertise.

Couch Potato can be played for free or for money on most sites. Regular winning combinations pay out from left to right in reels 1 to 3, in consecutive order. At least one of the symbols must be displayed on the first slot reel for the win to be paid out. A symbol combination which starts from either the second or third slot reel does not pay out.

Important Rules to Remember

Payouts are made according to the pay table which is previously set, and are paid out on the highest combination only. The Couch Potato game features the Multiplier symbols with a 25 times multiplier value for winning combinations. This means that the wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols, and if the Couch Potato wild symbol is one of the symbols of the winning combination, the payout of the winning combination that it completes will be multiplied by 5 times, and two Couch Potato wild symbols appearing will multiply the payout by as much as 25 times. It is possible to have more than one possible winning combination on one of the pay lines, but then only the value of the highest combination will be paid out. If there is no winning combination in the reels, the game is considered over, and the player has to start again.

Autoplay Settings are Available

Another convenient feature that is available and can be activated in the Couch Potato online slots game allows the player to play a selected number of consecutive games without having to interact with the software. The player can set the number of times the reels will spin, and set it to automatically stop the autoplay instruction the moment the spin of the reels register a win.