Ascot Esperance Cup

Horse Racing on Australia’s West Coast

 Ascot is a suburb of Perth, the capital of Western Australia, covering a narrow strip of land along the southern bank of the Swan River. It lies approximately ten kilometres from the central business district of Perth. It was named after the Ascot racecourse, which is a major horse racing track within the boundaries of the suburb, and managed by the Western Australia Turf Club. The Esperance Cup is run every year in March, and is the last race in the calendar. The Esperance Cup is a race definitely worth winning, with a prize worth seventy thousand dollars. This race was introduced in 1977, and the horse Special Jester is the only horse to win successive Esperance Cups

With the great horse racing events that are held every year in Australia it is easy to see where the love of the tracks has persisted and grown. These days, with the huge advance in modern technology, the online sports betting scene is in full swing. The winnings of the races is often very large, and the thrill of wagering is increasing correspondingly. It is easy to access an online sport book for perusal, and the great wins are just around the corner.

The Origins of Horse Racing and Betting

Racing horses is probably the very earliest sport that man was involved in, and it is certainly the first equestrian event. Horses have been domesticated for centuries, and as soon as early man recognised the speed of the animals, there has always been the incentive to race them against each other. Probably also as soon as the first races were staged, there has been betting on the outcome. These days, with the introduction of the internet, betting on horse racing has become easier to access and use, and certainly more  lucrative. Australia stages some great horse racing events, like the Melbourne Cup, which is one of the greatest yearly sporting events to be held in Australia, and the Ascot, Esperance Cup, which is an important horse race held on the West Coast.

Many Different Bets Available

Of the many different bets that it is possible to make, there are three that are the favourites with punters all over the world. The first is the place, then the win and the last is the each way bet. That corresponds to a top three finish, a first place, or either of the two respectively. There are additional bets like the trifecta, exacta, quinella and various picks that punters can explore and try.  The attentive punter will always be able to find a betting site offering good odds, and so secure the possibility of a good win. The thrill of placing the bet, the excitement of watching the race with these beautiful animals exerting their strength and speed, will always be what makes horse racing a number one entertainment.

Top Online Sports Betting Sites

Online sports books will offer punters the complete horse racing experience, which ever race the punter is interested in, be it the Melbourne Cup or the Ascot, Esperance Cup. Australian punters will also find that the reputable sports books also offer excellent bonuses.  Certainly all people placing bets will need to know the site is secure and safe, for placing a bet or withdrawing any winnings. Also necessary is a first rate customer service on the part of the betting sites. Then everyone can go ahead and become a part of the horse racing scene.