A Dragons Story

A Dragons Story Online Slot

A Dragons Story is an online slot with a unique take on the age old legend of knights fighting ferocious fire breathing dragons to save a fair maiden. A dragon’s story is played from the perspective of the dragon, I big red smiling fellow named Ruff who watches the reels from the right hand side of the screen. You must defend his treasure from Brave Sir William, the anointed knight who is trying to defeat Ruff and claim his riches.

A Dragons Story is a 5 reel 25 pay line online slot. It has a free spins bonus feature, a multiplier bonus as well as a gamble feature. This slot also includes the SuperBet. The SuperBet lets you place higher wagers on each spin but you get additional reel modifiers added.

The Dragons Story Brave Sir William Bonus

A Dragons Story has a randomly triggered bonus called the Brave Sir William bonus. After any winning spin, Sir William may sneak across the reels to try and steal some of Ruff’s treasure, but Ruff spots him and sets his buttocks on fire with a fireball of your choice. As Sir William retreats, he will drop win multipliers.

A Dragons Story Free Spin Bonus Feature

The main feature in A Dragons Story is the free spins round. When this feature initiates, you will get 10 free spins. Any wins that are earned while the free spins are active will be doubled. Whatever wagers you placed when the free spins round started will remain active for the duration of the free spins feature.

To start the free spins feature, land 3 or more of the purple gem symbols anywhere on the reels. This gem is the scatter symbol in A Dragons Story online slot and it does not need to be lined up on a pay line.

A Dragons Story SuperBet And Wagering

A Dragons Story lets you increase your staked wager limit by making use of the SuperBet option. The SuperBet feature actually already starts if you stake at least 25 coins each spin. This will let extra wild symbols appear on reel three and promises a theoretical payout of 95.22%.

Making a 35 coin per spin wager will bring the additional benefit of extra wild symbols appearing on not just reel 3, but 2 and 4 as well. The maximum SuperBet option of 50 coins per spin lets extra wild symbols appear on all the reels.

A Dragons Story Gamble Feature

A Dragons Story allows you to increase standard game pay outs by up to 4x. After a winning spin, you will see the gamble button below the reels. Simply click on it to be taken to a new screen.

There will be a deck of cards on the screen and you must guess with the next drawn card is either Red or Black for double your pay out or you can stake that pay out on whether the next drawn card will be a heart, club etc. If you guess incorrectly, you will lose your entire wager.