Types of Roulette Explained

Types of Roulette Explained

Roulette has been around for centuries and is an exciting game of chance.  In land-based casinos the Roulette tables are always the busiest and draw the largest crowds.  Roulette is now available in almost every online casino due to its popularity, which means that Canadian Roulette players can enjoy a spin anytime.  With online Roulette there are many more variations of the game and Canadian players will have many to choose from.

American and European Roulette

The classic Roulette games will have numbers 1 to 36 with either a single or double zero and the option to bet red or black and odds or evens.  American and European Roulette are very similar except that American Roulette as a double zero, which increases the house edge.  European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% while American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%.

French Roulette

French Roulette can also be found at Canadian online casinos but is not as popular.  It is similar to European Roulette as it has one zero but has some minor differences.  French Roulette has what is known as La Partage that occurs if the ball lands on the zero a player would only lose half of their bet.

This version also has En Prison rule where players can claim their bet back if they have placed a bet on odds or evens and the ball lands on the zero.  How this works is that the dealer will keep the bet aside and place a marker on it so that if a players wins the next spin they can claim their bet or it will go back to the house if a players loses.

Variations of Roulette

Online players from Canada will be able to play other variations online.  The Premiere Roulette Diamond Edition has more colours, not only red and black.  Players will have the option of placing bets on green, yellow and blue.  The game is the same with 1 through 36 numbers with the option of one or two zeros.

Multi-Ball Roulette has as many as three balls spinning at the same time which allows players to place bets on multiple numbers which means that any winnings are divided by the amount of balls on the wheel.  Canadian players will also have the option of playing Multi-Wheel Roulette and here players still place their bets on one board but the outcome is determined by spreading bets over multiple wheels, as many as eight at one time.  Players could land the same number on more than one wheel meaning a larger payout.  This is a great way for Canadian players to get through a deposit bonus much quicker.

Spingo is a combination of Bingo and Roulette.  It has numbers from 1 to 10 and three different colours.  The wheel is spun and numbered balls are chosen randomly and these then fall into different colour trays, much like the Lotto.  Players can bet on colours as well as odds or evens.

For Canadian Roulette players who enjoy the feel of a land based casino, Live Dealer Roulette is a great option as players get to play Roulette using real bets with a real dealer.  Players connect with a land-based casino via a webcam and they can interact with the dealer, but can be enjoyed in the comfort of their home.

Online casinos offer many variations of Roulette as well as the classic Roulette games. Players can enjoy easy access to all of these through online casinos.


The Evolution of the Mobile Casino

The Evolution of the Mobile Casino      

It may be strange to think that mobile casinos have only been around for a short while, it is difficult to imagine a time when there was no mobile casino gaming.  It all started with a simple black and white game on a Nokia phone and then WAP games which could be bought and downloaded.  The mobile industry grew at a rapid rate with the launching of Android and iPhones.

The Early Days

It all began in the 1990s with playing games on the internet which evolved to playing casino games online by 1998.  Before the internet people only used their phones for calls and texting and casino games could only be played on computers or machines down at the pub.  The first game to be played on a phone was a game called snake and was played on a Nokia 6610.  It became so popular that Nokia phones came with the game already installed and has sold over 400 million copies.

WAP and Java

Players could not download games onto their phones and then (Wireless Application Protocol) WAP was developed and allowed mobile devices to connect to the internet.  WAP was used in 2000 on phones such as Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola that had web browsers.  WAP made it possible for games like Bejewelled to be played on mobile and then casino games came on the scene.

WAP was very slow and in 2001 Java was developed which was much faster and allowed players to download action games.

The very first casino game was Pub Fruity developed by IOMO and was a compilation of smaller games.  At this time there were no real money casino games but players could use chips.  A popular game at the time was Downtown Texas Hold’em where players could take part in tournaments with others and earn chips.  The challenge at the time was that not all of the games were compatible on all devices and software developers had to develop games that could be played on a range of phones.

Apple and Android

In 2007 the Apple iPhone was launched and was like a mini computer.  Apps were made available in 2008 and players could buy apps directly and not have to go through network operators or phone manufacturers.  In 2008 Google launched Android and they had their own app store.  Android could be used on a bigger range of smartphones and this development increased the popularity of online casino gaming.  Players soon had such a wide range of choices with new games being added daily.  The iPad was launched later and with it more games such as Bingo and the popular Multi-handed Blackjack.  Real money casinos then began launching which allowed players to bet with real money in a safe and secure environment.

HTML5 and Mobile Broadband

In 2010 HTML5 was developed which allowed software developers and casinos to design games that could be used on all platforms.  Internet technology also became better and in 2003 3G was launched which meant more speed and mobile broadband.  This development impacted the sports betting industry the most as players could watch live games and place bets from their mobile phones.

The mobile casino industry has evolved from the early days of simple games to high quality games with animations and sound and excellent graphics.  The industry continues to evolve as new developments are being made and improved upon.

mobile keno

Keno On The Go

Keno is a household name in New Zealand. Originating in ancient China the simplistic pick and predict nature of the game has allowed for modern optimization into state lotteries, online casino providers and even mobile keno platforms.

The mobile keno market has made vast improvements, with new developer’s gaming software and modern technology allowing for a new age mobile keno evolution, players from New Zealand have the opportunity to experience mobile keno with crisp graphics and touch interfaces.

Beginning Keno

The game is simplistic and relatively straightforward, players are presented with a selection of numbers from one to eighty. Players must now mark off a selection of numbers, from one to ten that will feature in the draw.

Winnings depend on the token amount wagered and the number of numerical units wagered on. All mobile keno platforms work with odds and probability, a notable factor to consider when evaluating the pay table.

The mobile keno provider will run on a developer’s software, complete with a random number generator, which will draw the selection of twenty numbers, in order to match player selections of numbers.

Hitting just one number match in a mobile keno game can reward you with a whopping three times stake amount. Players from New Zealand participating in mobile keno should be aware that even with huge improvements in technology mobile keno platforms are not as functionally diverse as standard online versions.

Mobile Keno Devices And Interface

Online providers have taken note of New Zealand players’ preferences and as such have devoted substantial resources to mobile keno platforms, across a diverse selection of mobile devices.

Smart phone capability and larger tablet displays have played vital roles in shaping the mobile domain. A host of thrilling online games such as mobile keno have been directly shaped for a smaller, more compact, on the go displays, allowing for ultimate convenience wherever a constant Internet connection is present.

The mobile keno interface has been slimmed down to accommodate mobile displays. The result is a standard URL version of the game, fitted perfectly for mobile devices at crisp resolution and smooth frame rates.

Mobile Keno Games

Online providers have a library of mobile keno games, perfectly adapted to individual players from New Zealand. Graphical improvements and overall aesthetics allow for rich mobile keno games, which are equally rewarding.

Players from New Zealand opting for mobile keno games can expect to play titles including but not limited to bonus mobile keno, rival mobile keno, space mobile keno, three-dimensional mobile keno, jackpot keno, keno lab, keno kick-off and more.

Keno Bets

Players in New Zealand making use of mobile keno platforms have the opportunity to place various types of mobile keno bets.

Online mobile keno affords players from New Zealand with straight bets, which are direct wagers where players bet all selected numbers in one single bet.

King ticket betting allows Kiwis to opt for one principal number that only activates number combinations when the King number is hit. This type of mobile keno betting is more advanced and experienced players should only opt for wagering on combinations within combinations like this.

Mobile Betting

Mobile Betting Advantages

Cell phone technology has improved considerably over the years.  Gone are the days of bulky mobile phones which could only be used for making calls and sending texts.  Mobile phones now have almost, if not all, the capabilities of a computer.  Bettors can now install a range of betting applications on their phones as opposed to normal gaming online or offline gaming.  There are a number of reasons that New Zealand bettors are making the change to mobile betting.


The convenience of mobile betting is one of the main reasons New Zealand bettors are changing and placing wagers from their phones.  Many bettors use their phones to surf the Internet or catch up on their social media accounts and the option to place wagers online seems like the next step.  Mobile betting is great for busy people who are on the go all the time as they can place a wager while on the way to a meeting or while travelling to their next appointment.  New Zealand bettors can place a bet any time of the day and wherever they may be.

Finding Information

Mobile betting makes it easier for New Zealand bettors to find a bet they would be interested in.  The internet has hundreds of different betting options to suit everyone’s needs and preferences.  New Zealand bettors should place bets on things they know and have researched especially when it comes to sportsbetting, as this will greatly increase the odds of a win.  They are also able to download applications that will compare odds letting bettors place wagers on the best bets.  For New Zealand bettors there are a number of useful applications that will help bettors with mobile betting.

The key to successful mobile betting is having the correct information when placing a wager.  Bettors who keep up to date with the news of their sports team may see the opportunity for a bet while reading about the performances of other clubs or teams.  The majority of these articles are written by betting experts who can give advice and tips on each sport.  Mobile betting gives bettors access to all this information in one place.

Choosing a Mobile Betting Site

When looking for a mobile betting site, New Zealand bettors should go about looking for a reputable online site in the same way as on their computer.  The site should be properly licensed and should be regulated and have a seal confirming that the site is random and fair.  Mobile betting should be safe and secure when it comes to banking and bettors should always try out a few different online sites before registering.  New Zealand bettors can look at reviews from other bettors and these will be very helpful when choosing a mobile betting site.

Promotions, Rewards and Bonuses

The bonuses and promotions are also one of the advantages of mobile betting.  There is much competition between the betting sites and they offer a variety of bonuses and promotion to attract new bettors to their site by offering a sign up bonus.  Many of these bonuses will come with wagering requirements and New Zealand bettors should read these carefully.

Mobile betting has changed the way online betting is done.  It has made it convenient and accessible to more people who otherwise would not have access to online betting.

Greyhound Betting In New Zealand

All About Greyhound Betting In New Zealand

Greyhound Betting in New Zealand is a very popular past time, almost as popular as horse racing or harness racing. It is very strictly controlled to ensure the safety of the dogs, and that there are no backyard races which may damage the integrity of the sport.

Where To Place A Bet On A Race

Placing a bet on a greyhound race is an easy thing to do, as one can now place bets online. Of course, punters can still and often do, go down to the track to physically place a bet on their favourite dog and partake in the excitement of race day. This should, of course, be done with some knowledge and forethought to result in a successful wager.

The most convenient way of placing a bet, however, is to make use of one of the many online sites which offer to bet on greyhound races. A simple search with your search engine will turn up many results. Often these sites will offer varying odds from their competitors in order to attract new punters to them. Some of them may offer various bonuses and promotions as well to try and get you to sign up with them.

Bonusus And Promotions From Bookies

Online sites offer a range of promotions and bonuses for the new signee. These involve things like an amount of free cash with which to place a bet on a dog of your choice. Other promotions may match your initial first few bets, or even offer some sort of a loyalty program. As different sites offer different things, it is always within your interest to shop around a bit to find the site which best suits you.

Placing Your Bet

Once you have joined up with greyhound racing betting sites, you can place your first wager. To join up with a site you will have to provide a number of identifying documents. These may include things such as your ID document, bank account details or even a copy of your credit card. This is to safe guard not only the sites but also you against fraud and unscrupulous people.

Once your account has been created, you can commence placing your bets. Most of the sites will have an array of tips as well as statistics on the dogs and their previous runs. Take note of who ran the best against whom, and what kind of track they ran on. Once you have an idea of who you would like to back, you can place your bet.

Greyhound Odds

The odds behind each dog are set by the bookies and the general public who are placing wagers on the races. Favourite dogs that have performed well in the past will have very high odds to win. Should you back that dog and it does win, your payout will be less than if you had backed an outsider with lower odds and they had won instead. When choosing your dog, look at the odds, remembering that high odds have a good chance of being correct but will have a lower payout.

Horse Racing

Horse Race Betting In New Zealand

Many people enjoy placing a wager or a bet on a horse race in New Zealand. There are a number of ways of doing this, all of which involve different actions. A wager can be placed in the traditional way at the races, which involves actually getting into your car and physically going to the race track. Another popular way of placing a bet or a wager is via an online site. This particular method can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home and involves only an internet connection and a suitable device.

Online Horse Race Wagering

Placing a mobile online betting wager on a horse race is a modern method of betting on the races. To do so, you will need an internet connection and a suitable device such as a computer or mobile device. Using your search engine in your web browser is the fastest way to find a variety of sites which offer betting on horse races. Many of these sites will offer a number of bonuses and promotions as well as differing odds. Choosing the best site and shopping around is beneficial.

Bonuses and promotions offered by online betting sites can come in many different forms. Many sites will offer an initial amount of free money simply for joining up. This money can be spent on placing a bet on a horse, although there will be a number of terms and conditions which come with the offer. Another popular promotion is to match your initial bets up to a certain point. Again, read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you understand exactly what is entailed in order to benefit from the promotion.

At The Track

Placing a bet at the actual track is a tried and tested way of wagering on horse races. There are many race days which happen throughout the year. Horse racing season begins in August and ends at the beginning of July. When placing a bet at the track, make sure that you have a look at what each bookie is offering, as the odds may differ from bookie to bookie.

Sound Knowledge is Imperative

Placing a bet on a horse is a difficult thing as there are no guarantees. Horses may be injured, lose their jockeys, or simply have a bad start which affects the rest of the race. Having a sound knowledge of not only your horse but also the trainer and the track is imperative for placing a successful wager.

Certain tracks, for example, have certain going. These are known as good, heavy or soft, amongst others. Some horses prefer a certain going and will therefore run better on their favourite going. Knowing which horse likes what kind of rack, and what the track in question is like on race day will help you to make a decision as to whether to back the horse or not.

Of course knowing each horse’s vital statistics such as age, wins, and weight carried is as important for a successful wager each horse can be followed via a number of sites which will all give you the statistics which you need to make an informed decision.


Pros And Cons To Consider Before You Start To Play Online Bingo

Bingo, that heart-warming feeling of having all the numbers which guarantee you a win is something that many players can relate to and it is one of the key things that keeps them in the game even after many years. This particular game became incredibly popular during the first half of the 21st century, with the appearance of television and publicly broadcasted games that have brought it to the masses, its trend started growing since and it is in full swing, even by today’s standards.

Nowadays, however, people don’t watch or use the television as much as they used to and this is largely due to the appearance and popularity of the internet. This media now covers all of our needs for information, fun, business and anything else that we might have in mind, therefore it is no surprise that even a lot of the traditional gambling games moved over to the online aspect of our lives and are now offered for everyone’s enjoyment.

The thing about bingo that makes it so appealing to everyone, regardless of generation is that everyone has a chance for winning and there is no particular skill level required in order to play the game, all you need is a healthy dose of luck and time which proved to be the most important factor. With the appearance of bingo games online, the old anticipation for that specific time in the evening for the television broadcast is over, as shows like that have been canceled due to appearance of much more accessible and convenient options on the web.

Aside from the ability to sign up and play at whatever time you deem favorable, there are many other traits that these games offer. You have the ability to prepare and organize for the right time that you want to play and you are no longer dependent on the terms and conditions of one bingo company on a national level. This means that you have more choices regarding the type of bingo that you want to play and this in other terms means more chances for obtaining profit.

It has always been a family activity or something that has been played in large groups, if not in bingo halls, then in front of the TV with your friends and family, however, even today, with online bingo games you are able to enjoy the same aspects of socialization as well as exchanging experiences with other players from across the globe. It is always a good idea to call up some of your friends and get together for a fun evening of playing bingo, but you are also able to do the very same thing online. All of this is thanks to a number of groups have been formed in many chat room and forums, these are the gathering places of bingo players with different experiences and backgrounds, and meeting all of them can only add a new level of enjoyment to the entire thing.

Play Video Poker Smartly And Win Good Amount Of Money

Video Poker is the game that is quite eminent among the players who like to play gambling games online. This online casino game is based on five-card draw poker. There are different varieties of this game and you can choose any of them as per your desire.

Different types of Video Poker game

  • If you look at the Jacks or Better game, then it also has two versions. First type is Jacks or Better and it is also known as 9-6. Other versions of this game have reduced payouts and known as 6-5 Jacks or Better and 8-5 Jacks or Better. There is one more version of Jacks or Better that is known as 10-7 Double Bonus Poker that pays 7 for Flush and 10 for Full House. Along with that, it also offers different kinds of bonuses for distinct combinations of Four of a Kind.
  • The second type of Video Poker game uses 53 cards as it also adds the Jack to the deck.
  • Another category of Video Poker is played with 52-card deck and counts all the twos (deuces) as wild cards.

What you should do if you are a new player?

  • You should be quite careful while choosing the game, if you are a new player. If you like to play the simple game initially then you can go for the Jacks or better game as it is quite easy to understand and play. You will also have no need to worry about the bonus payouts and wild cards because this game has no place for that.
  • For adding more fun to your joy ride, you can go for the Joker Poker or Deuced Wild games that can add the needed fun to your online gaming experience. You will get a chance of making big hands as these games are wild card games.
  • If your objective is to earn a decent amount of money then there are several games waiting for you.

It will be advisable for you to compare pay tables before choosing the one for you.

Bonus and double bonus rules

You will get bonus payouts for extra hands. For example, you will get a larger payout for four twos and four aces. The paytable will even place a higher value on special hands in case of double bonus and special hands can be four of a kind with a king as the fie card, or four aces etc.

You can also enjoy the double bonus as well on some more specific combinations. These combinations can be Ace as one of the additional cards with three or four of a kind; two, three or four as the extra fifth card with four aces.

Always make sure that the casino you have chosen to play the video poker is authentic and is capable in providing you the trustworthy and fully secured services. It is your decision to choose between the free video poker game play and the video poker that gives you the chance of winning good amount of money.

Unwritten Rules To Be Successful In Sports Betting

Sports betting has gained an outstanding notoriety over the Internet. Players have realized that going online will give them higher odds, as well as more diversified betting options. Plus, they have the comfort of playing from home or work. Of course, it does pay off to find a reputable sports betting website first. There are hundreds of them. It is hard to tell how serious a portal is though. Unless you try to make a deposit, win and withdraw earnings, you cannot tell if you experience will be positive. Besides, this idea is time and money consuming, so look for a few reviews and make a good choice upfront. Most importantly, look for a licensed and certified portal.


All in all, assuming that you have already found a good sports betting website, pay attention to a few simple tips and ideas to improve your winning chances as well. There is one major rule that applies to everything in life – the more you know, the better you do. The same rule applies to sports betting too. Unless you actually educate yourself, read about transfers and check news round the clock, chances are you will not really succeed in this industry. There are, of course, a few simple suggestions and tricks as well.


Timing Is the Key


Timing is everything in sports betting. You need to know when to start, when to bet and when to stop. If you pay attention to how particular games go, chances are you will observe a pattern in the long run. For example, underdogs tend to make a good impression in the early stage. Wait some more and the odds will no longer be attractive enough for you. In sports betting, time is an essence. You can do it later in the week, day or hour. Pay attention to things that really matter as early as possible. After all, things are less likely to get better if you are one hour or day late. Stay updated and pay attention to the news round the clock.


What Can Be Better than Home


The home plays a special role in sports betting. Whether you count the possibility to play from home or the home team, these things can seriously add to your earnings. Betting online from home is the key to a wide plethora of betting types and combinations, not to mention hunting the best place for high odds. On the other hand, when it comes to the actual game, everyone loves the home team. If the home team is also the underdog, this combination can be a killer. There are plenty of so called surprises when underdogs playing at home can practically demolish huge teams. They feel the support behind them and they use it as a form of motivation.




In conclusion, sports betting does have a small dose of chance and luck, but it is mostly based on education. It is easier to make a living out of sports betting than out of specific casino games.